We can
have both strategic content and
the ability
to mesure it

Market data


_Percentage of population using the internet




_Percentage of population registered on social networks




_Number of users per month on Google/Youtube in France


[fade]+26 M[/fade]


_Percentage of consumers watching videos online each day 




_Percentage of marketing manager who consider that Content Marketing is effective




_Percentage of population using a smartphone




_Percentage of population using a tablet




_Percentage of users buying on an app




_Percentage of web traffic on mobile device




_Percentage of the 13-35 years using a mobile




_Percentage of the mobile online business




_Percentage of users confirm that webdesign is the numer 1 factor for the credibility of a brand equity




_Percentage of online business failing because of a bad user experience




_Percentage of users who wont go back on a website if the images are too long to load



[fade]Data must make things easier[/fade]

Our brands data


Renommee group


_Year of creation




_Number of subsidiaries




_Number of clients




_Number of projects




_Number of crossed countries



[fade]Data tells stories[/fade]

Madison and vine


_Number of product hours




_Volume of data storage


[fade]53 To[/fade]


_Number of projects



POWERS AI[/fade]

Ete 80


_Number of created pages


[fade]+11 000[/fade]


_Number of views


[fade]+300 000[/fade]


_Number of downloaded folios


[fade]+4 500[/fade]


85 and sons


_Number of projects




_Number of created brands




_Volume of created and stored data



[fade]Data privacy can’t be



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